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Highlights of the Alps - from Levron to Saxon

I discovered this tidbit more by chance. I was in the area of Verbier and saw a small road on the map via Levron to Saxon in the Rhone valley, which I wanted to find and drive. The road has mostly normal width and only a short part behind the vertex is not asphalted. The drive down into the valley is a pleasure, both in terms of driving and scenery!

If you drive from Martigny in the direction of the Great St. Bernard Pass, after about 14 km you will reach the turn-off for Verbier. Turn here and a short time later turn left towards Vollèges and Levron. The road is winding up to the top. Then follows a short unpaved stretch and it goes down into the valley with magnificent views. The route is a pleasure!!!

One bend after the other and lots of beautiful views.

A wonderful alternative to the drive via Martigny into the Rhone valley.

Another alternative is, by the way, shortly after the turn-off towards Verbier, the route over the Col des Planches (1411 m) and the Pas du Lein (1656 m), although about 9 km (namely the road of the Pas du Lein) are not asphalted here. The ride up to the Col des Plances is however great to ride!

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