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Highlights of the Alps - Passo del Mortirolo (also Passo della Foppa)

The Passo del Mortirolo (1896 m) (also called Passo della Foppa) is probably known only to a few people - nevertheless, for me it belongs to the five most beautiful routes of the whole Alps.

It is a former military path, hardly marked in official maps, which connects the Valtellina with the upper Val Camónica. It is surrounded by the peaks M.Serottini (2.967 m), Cima Cadi (2.449 m) and M.Pagano (2.348 m).

The stretch from the pass into the valley to Mazzo dei Valtellina is a good 12 km long and overcomes a height difference of more than 1300 m. The route is very narrow, very winding and offers beautiful views into the valley.

The best way to reach the route is via the Gavia Pass or the Passo di Tonale. A few kilometres before Edolo a road branches off to the right towards "Monno".

The whole stretch is relatively narrow but very nice to ride.

The road is well asphalted and initially runs moderately steep until the strikingly large village of Monno. The village is situated on a terrace and offers beautiful views over the Valle Camonica. After leaving the village behind, the gradient decreases temporarily before it suddenly increases again and is often well over 10%.

Once you reach the top, the road branches off to the right into the valley and the rush of curves begins. Sometimes there are three or four hairpin bends behind each other in a very confined space. There is very little traffic, but due to the narrow road you have to be on your guard all the time to react in time to suddenly appearing oncoming traffic. The gradient on longer sections is over 20%.

Once you reach the valley you should - if time allows - turn around and drive uphill again.

Once arrived back at the top of the pass, one can start another beautiful variant of this tour. At the top, turn right (or - coming from Monno - straight ahead) and you are on a beautiful high path that also allows for charming views down. After a short time, there is a "No Vehicles" sign at the side of the road, but in Italy this means (if no additional sign says otherwise!) that you can still drive through at your own risk!

The route runs for many kilometres along the altitude over the Passo di Guspessa (1824 m) to Trivigno (turn right) and from there down into the valley to Tirano.

Both the stretch from Passo di Mortirolo to Mazzo di Valtellina and the high altitude road via Trivigno to Tirano are driving and scenic delights!

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