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Highlights of the Alps - along the Lago di Valvestino

The route from the beginning of Lago dei Valvestino to Navazzo is simply brilliant! A look at the road map doesn't let those who don't know the route expect anything special, but over a length of 12 km here are the most beautiful exchange curves I know. One bend after the other, from left to right and again to the left - no end in sight - simply gigantic! A track to drive dizzy! Best to turn back at the beginning of Navazzo and do it all over again.

But first things first:

Whether one drives this route from Lake Idro or Lake Garda is not important - I personally prefer the drive in direction to Lake Garda.

At the southern end of the Idro Lake, one follows the signposting in direction to Lago di Garda. First, one drives up in several hairpin bends and curve combinations to Capovalle.

There, one can either continue straight ahead on the main road or - my preferred variant - turn left towards Moerna. A small dreamy road, which offers very nice views down and meets the main road again after several kilometers.

At the beginning of the Lago dei Valvestino it goes round - left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left ...  - simply a dream!!!!

As already said: The most beautiful exchange rate curves I know in the whole Alps!!!

After Navazzo the road then goes steeply down to Lake Garda in several hairpin bends.

One more hint:

The route is - unfortunately - not as low-traffic as other routes around Lake Garda. Before many bends the further course is not exactly visible - therefore beware of oncoming traffic and above all beware of motorcyclists coming from the opposite direction!

But the track is simply great!

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