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A warm welcome

on my homepage all about motorcycling!

I am an enthusiastic motorcyclist and have been riding Honda ST 1100 ABS/TCS (Pan European) since 1993.

Some of the tour suggestions I have created are available for viewing and downloading on this page. On the one hand there are tours starting from Sonthofen, on the other hand there are tours that I made either for the freebikers Sonthofen (1998 to the Dolomites, 2000 to the Black Forest, 2002 to the Lago di Ledro, 2003 to Merano/South Tyrol, 2004 to the Salzburger Land, 2005 to Montan/South Tyrol, 2006 to the Southern Black Forest, 2007 to Switzerland), or the Alpenbiker-Forum 2008 to Montan/South Tyrol 2008, 2009 also to Montan/South Tyrol 2009 and 2010 to Salzburgerland.

Then a tour to the Harz mountains in 2008, a tour to the Grossglockner and to South Tyrol in 2011, a 7-day tour (with 5 day tours on site) to Trentino in 2013, a 29-day tour to Norway in 2014 and a 25-day tour to Norway in 2016.

In addition, I have also presented and described my personal "Highlights of the Alps". On the respective page I provide - if available - the roadbook for download, as well as a google-earth-file for all tours in order to be able to view the respective tour from a satellite perspective. In addition, for Garmin and TomTom users I provide the respective file for download! Photos of the club tours, the tour suggestions from Sonthofen, the "3000 km Switzerland" and the big alpine tour are included there.

The Allgäu is certainly one of the most beautiful German holiday regions - not only for hikers and winter sports enthusiasts but of course also for motorcyclists! From here you can go on day trips on many wonderful motorbike routes in the foothills of the Alps as well as in Austria and Switzerland (and even a detour to South Tyrol can be realized in one day!) The landscape, the roads, the passes - motorcyclists' hearts - what more could you want? I have put together some suggestions for appropriate tours under "Tour suggestions from Sonthofen" (of course also with tour sketch and description as well as a roadbook and the corresponding google-earth-file and also for Garmin and TomTom users the corresponding file for download).The entirety of the tours that are made available for download on this page, covers meanwhile (without the two Norway journeys) a total length of over 25.000 km!

Among others:

  • 24 tours with starting point Sonthofen with almost 8500 km,
  • 4 Black Forest tours with almost 1000 km,
  • 1 tour in the Harz Mountains with 260 km,
  • 17 tours in Italy with almost 5000 km,
  • 3 tours in Salzburgerland with almost 1000 km,
  • 2 tours in Central Switzerland with almost 500 km,
  • 2 tours in the Jura with more than 550 km.
  • Plus "3000 km Switzerland" with more than 3000 km and
  • the big alpine tour with almost 5500 km

Under "Photos" I have taken pictures from Sonthofen and the surrounding area at the different seasons, which should give an impression of the beauty of the landscape and perhaps give the "undecided" the last incentive for a holiday in the Allgäu.

I would be pleased about an entry in the guestbook as well as about a feedback to my tour suggestions.

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