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Southtyrol Montagna 2009 - Ridereport Part 2

Sunday, 31th May 2009

During the night the weather went worse and the sky was full of clouds. The tour to the „Würzjoch“ was planned for today.

But before our tour we had to make our group photo session first.

Some of the participants had other interest today and so we went with 8 motorcycles in direction of Bozen. After passing Leifers we turn right to La Costa. A narrow but nice road, that climbed steeply uphill and offered wonderful views down. Then to the left towards Kohlern and on we went towards Bozen then Ritten till we reached Klobenstein. A wide road with stunning curves uphill – a dream for every biker. We left Klobenstein and went on to Lengstein, where the road got narrow, but with good views over Eissack valley. Via Barbian (turned left) we reached Villanders and downhill to Klausen. Here we turned right and instantanously left through the city centre of Klausen. Another turn left (below the road to Brenner Pass) in direction of  Latzfons. This road lead us -  also very narrow – through a narrow ravine steeply uphill.

Arriving in Latzfons suddenly our “loneliness“ vanished! Every where were people and cars. Maybe they just returned from church.

Leaving Latzfons we had a short stop, then we went via Feldthurns down the valleys to Villnös valley, we followed this valley untill St. Peter.

Here begins the small road up to Passo delle Erbe (Würzjoch).
In the meantime the clouds opened up and so we expected to be able to enjoy the rest of the tour with a bright sky. At the Edelweiß House we stopped for a break.

During lunch I saw that it was raining, more or less substantial and it did not stop!

After 1 ½ hours we decided to go on.

Stop! Kurt, Alfred, Ingrid, Thomas and Jacky turned back via Villnöss valley directly to Montan! Because of the weather they thought it was not safe to carry on over Würzjoch, Gardena Pass and Sella Pass.
The rest of us (besides Petra and me there were Jürgen and Kai-Uwe with Alea) continued on the planned tour. On the other side of Würzjoch in Antermoia the road there were dry patches on the road and the rain stopped.
But, it should not last long!
Through Gader valley up to Corvara the rain started again and it even started snowing on the slopes up Gardena Pass! I can’t remember my visor becoming white of snow!
In snow flurry we went over the pass and carried on to Sella Pass. Here we also had snow and the landscape was wearing white.

We were lucky, the road were free and we arrived without problems in Canazei.
Before turning to Karer Pass we had a cappuccino break.
Then we went over Karer Pass, via Lake Karer to Birchabruck, turned left via Deutschnofen we managed finally to arrice dry in Montan.
The other five arrived shortly after us, they also had a break.

Monday, 1st  June 2009

Except Petra and me, Kurt, Kai-Uwe and Alea, all went home today.
The sun was shining and it promised to be a nice day.
After breakfast we said Good Bye and one after the other they left.

Petra and I, we planned to visit the gardens of Schloss Trauttmansdorff in Meran.

Via Kaltern and Terlan we went to Mölten and Vöran.



Via Avelengo we drove towards Merano.

There we extensivly regarded the flowers in the garden of Schloss Trauttmansdorff. This garden is highly recommended and whoever has a spare time to visit should do so!!


Afterwards we went to Kaltern and then back to Montan.
Together with the other staying bikers we spent an evening in Gasthof Rose.

Tuesday, 2nd June 2009

Today we also planned to go home.
The view from our balcony showed wonderful weather for travelling.

After breakfast we said „Goodbye“ to the others and started homewards.

Via Kaltern and Meran we soon reached St. Leonhard, the start of a twisting– barely traffic, we enjoyed it!

Soon we reached Brenner Pass and in Mattrai we turned right via Ellbögen to Innsbruck. Unfortunatly the inn St. Peter had its day off and we couldn’t have our planned break.

Via Innsbruck and Telfs we reached Fern Pass.
There we recognized that we were lucky on our way south. This time there was a lot more traffic and the congestion started some kilometers before we reached the road works. Due to the oncoming traffic it was difficult to overtake. It took a long time till we reached the building site.

On the pass a light rain started, but soon stopped.
After the tunnel in Lermoos the road was totally wet. It had rained a lot just before we came, but we stayed dry and via Reutte and Weissenbach we came to the valley Tannheimer-Tal. Between Nesselwängle and Tannheim it rained again – even  intense in some parts. But then we reached Sonthofen without any more rain.


Totally we drove exactly 1600 km in 6 days.
The weather was mainly wonderful and we had a lot of fun.
We had fine trips on all kind of roads, from very narrow up to wide and splendidly constructed, everybody enjoyed his type of road.

Thanks to all our fellow travellers for the shared trips and interesting talks.

It was wonderful!

Italien: Hotel Cristallo (Levico Terme)